(Revised 1/24/20)

Who owns Trails Association INC.?

We are a resident owned park. Residents own their own lot and share ownership of the common elements. Common elements include the streets, clubhouse, and recreation areas.

What is the Maintenance Fee and when are they due?

Maintenance Fees are $85.00 per month per lot and are due on the 1st day of each month. Maintenance Fees are late if not received by the 10th of each month. After the 10th a late fee of $15.00 is added to the amount due. Maintenance fees are used to maintain the common elements of the park including the clubhouse, pool, streets, garbage pick-up twice a week and salaries for three part-time employees.

Are there any restrictions on the use of my property ?

The condominium lot shall be used only for single family residential purposes and may not be used for any commercial use.

When and where is membership meetings held?

Annual membership meetings are held in January of each year in the Park’s clubhouse. All members of the Association are encouraged to attend and to vote on all matters before the membership. Members are notified in writing of the date and time of the meeting as well as the agenda for the meeting and matters that are being voted on. This notice is also posted in the clubhouse at least 30 days before the meeting.

When and where are Directors Meetings held?
The Board of Directors meet in the clubhouse at 7:00 pm on the 1st Thursday of each month from November thru April. Owners are encouraged to attend these meetings.
What are lot owners voting rights in the Association?
Lot owners are entitled to one vote for each lot owned in the management of the association and in the election of Directors. If a lot is owned by more than one (1) person, the person entitled to cast the vote shall be designated by a certificate signed by all of the recorded owners of the lot and filed with the association.
How are the directors elected?
There shall be nine (9) resident directors who shall represent the park. Four (4) directors shall be elected in even-numbered years and five (5) directors shall be elected in odd-numbered years. Resident directors shall be elected by the members of the association at large.
Are there any leasing restrictions?
If your property is leased, you must notify the association in writing of the renter’s name and the starting and ending dates of the lease. Each renter is required to undergo a background check. When the renter arrives at the park, they are required to register at the office.
Is there an age limit for residents of the park?
The Declaration of Condominium, states: “No persons who have not yet attained fifty-five (55) years of age shall be permitted to reside upon the lands, except that persons under such age (55) may be permitted to visit and temporarily reside thereon, provided that such temporary residence shall not exceed sixty (60) days in any one (1) calendar year or sixty (60) days within any consecutive twelve (12) month period, whichever may provide the least permissible residence.”

Any person(s) who rents a home in the park must also be fifty-five (55) years of age. All persons must undergo a background check.

Does the park allow pets?
Pets shall be permitted within the condominium lot and the Common Elements. Pets defined herein, however, shall be restricted to cats not weighing more than fifteen (15) pounds and dogs that shall weigh twenty-five (25) pounds or less at maturity. Each lot shall have no more than two (2) pets. The lot owner will be required to maintain the pet at all times under a leash when outside the home. In no event shall the pet be allowed to enter the recreational area and/or any other areas of TRAILS ASSOCIATION INC, other than those areas so designated for pets and/or to cause a nuisance or disturbance of any kind and/or nature with said pet. When walking your pet in the common areas, the owner is responsible for picking up after said pet. Pets are not allowed to roam onto another resident’s property.

All pets shall follow Pasco Co Pet requirements.

What about utilities?

Residents pay for their own utilities including electric, water, sewer, telephone and cable TV.

What about lawn care?

Lot owners are responsible for the mowing of their own lawn and the trimming of all shrubs.

Can I use the clubhouse and swimming pool?
As an owner residing in the park, you have a right to use the park’s facilities including the clubhouse and swimming pool when it is open subject to the rules and regulations for their use. There is no fee for their use because you are part owner of the common facilities.
Who is responsible for the trimming of the palm trees?
Each lot owner is responsible for the trimming of the palm trees, grass and all other shrubs on their lot. Palm trees that are on the property line between two lots are the responsibility of the lot owner to the left of the tree when standing in the street and facing the tree. Many lot owners have decided to share this responsibility and the cost of having the tree trimmed.
What does it mean when it says my property is referred to as a "condominium parcel?"
This means that you own your own unit and lot, that you share ownership of all common elements in the park and that you make compromises and give up a certain degree of freedom that you would have if you did not live in a condominium community. In a condominium community, there is a common scheme that is for the benefit of all the unit owners. In other words, there are certain restrictions to your deed that are required of all unit owners.

State statute 718 covers Condominium requirements.

Are unit owners allowed to have patio sales?
The park sets a date once a year for patio sales. All owners are permitted to have a sale only on that date.
Are owners of units allowed to make additions to their units?
Additions to units are permitted subject to Board approval. There is a form available from the office that must be filled out and signed by a director and the president before any addition is started. Any permits that are required must be obtained from the county.
Is Trails Association involved in any court cases in which it may face liability in excess of $100,000.00.
Trails Association is not involved in any litigation at this time involving liability in excess of $100,000.00.
Do I have to be a member of any other association?
No, there are no other associations that you must belong to.
Are reserves fully funded?
Reserve funds are only partially funded at this time in some accounts. Full funding of reserves can be waived by park residents. The Association Board members may implement a special assessment or fully fund as needed.